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National Frozen Yogurt Day

by celebratethisday

Make National Frozen Yogurt Day special by celebrating with these quick, healthy and easy recipe treats. Your family will be sure to love them and ask to celebrate with these every day.


All you need for this recipe is frozen fruit and yogurt. That’s it! To me, this is the perfect dessert or afternoon snack because the fruit is balanced with some protein, which means that you won’t need to worry about a sugar crash. But the best part? You can eat it instantly! No waiting for it to set in the freezer required. Yummy Toddler Food

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Recipe

This homemade frozen yogurt recipe requires no ice cream maker. It’s easy, delicious and wholesome. Healthy Recipes Blogs

Frozen Yogurt Pops

This is why I like having a guilt-free type of Popsicle on hand at our house. These will still put a smile on their sweet, hot faces but cool them down at the same time. I absolutely love these easy go-to Frozen Yogurt Pops. Super Healthy Kids


Have you ever wondered how to make frozen yogurt? It’s easier than you think! With just 3 ingredients you’ll be swapping out those froyo shops for homemade frozen yogurt every day! The Healthy Maven

How will you celebrate NATIONAL FROZEN YOGURT DAY? Today is the day.

Take a little time today to celebrate with your family and friends and make lasting memories!

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