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Kite Flying Day

by celebratethisday
National Kite Flying Day

Have you ever flown a kite? I remember in school one of our teachers had a kite-flying contest. We had to design and make our own kite. Remember this was before Google, it was a lot harder to find information, you needed to actually GO to the library and do some research on kites, find the best one and then how to make it.

I found out that box kites were great at getting the lift I was wanting and seemed pretty easy to make. A few dowels, tape, trash bag and I was good to go. I put mine together and went to school very excitedly (I didn’t usually care for school). It was finally time to have our contest and I WON!!! I was so excited, there were so many really cool looking kites. But, my little trash bag and dowels box kite won. I can’t really remember what I won, I was just happy that mine won and it was a lot of fun.

How to Build and Fly a Box Kite

Box kites are known for their high lift. In fact, most of the altitude records for kite flying are held by large box kites. You can make this box kite with easy-to-find materials from your hardware or craft store. Lightweight materials will help it soar, even in a mild breeze. Boys Life

Lets Go Fly A S’mores

We thought it would be fun to make a kite out of S’mores. We still have lots of leftover candy around here from Easter and Valentine’s Day so we are always looking for creative ways to get rid of it! These are really easy to make and lots of fun for the kids! Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

DIY Newspaper Kite

I love this little activity, because it’s the perfect combo of craft and physical exercise. It’s educational and artsy, but then you get to run and play with it! You can buy kites at the dollar store, so while this is pretty much a free craft, it’s not something you’re doing to save money necessarily: it teaches the kiddos a little bit about physics and lets them make something that’s fun and actually works. Living Well Spending Less

Easy Kite Bookmarks 

Make some cute little kite bookmarks for those kite flying books you might be reading.

How To.. make a Beautiful Kite!

We didn’t know we could do it, until we did it!  That’s right…this weekend, we designed, constructed and flew our own homemade kites.

Kids most definitely need some help and some patience. But the results are spectacular and give you a perfect reason to go outside and run like the wind. What’s a better reward than this?  This project makes it on my top 3 favorite craft DIY ideas for sure!

By the way, on a difficulty scale from 1-10, it is “officially” a 7.33. (This number is comprised of 3 votes: mine (3 difficulty level) a 7-year-old (9.5 difficulty level) and a 5 1/2-year-old (9.5 difficulty level). Red Ted Art


If for some reason, you can’t fly your kite outside, you can still have your very own kite celebration at home! And to this end, we have an all-new craft for you – a DIY Kite Mobile! This is a super-easy craft that young kids can do on their own, while preschoolers can do with a little assistance. And don’t worry about visiting a craft store; you need very basic supplies for this craft. Artsy Craftsy Mom

Paper Bag Kites

The kids will have so much fun decorating and making their very own paper bag kites. Somewhat Simple 

How will you celebrate NATIONAL KITE FLYING DAY? Today is the day.

Take a little time today to celebrate with your family and friends and make lasting memories!

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