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National Blueberry Popover Day

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Popovers are airy rolls that puff up when baked, popping over the edge of the tin. They are light and crispy on the outside while the insides are warm and often hollow. They can be filled with custards, creams, and fruits for a sweet treat, especially blueberries.   

Most popover recipes are made using mostly eggs, milk, flour and salt.  When making popovers, using eggs and milk that are at room temperature produces the best result. The resulting batter is thin but has enough air it that when it bakes the steam expands the batter, causing it to puff up and pop over the tin.  The egg proteins help the pastry hold its shape and eventually the crust turns flaky and golden. National Day Calendar

Blueberry Popovers

A special popover recipe to serve at your next brunch. Eggy and rich but not too sweet and quite impressive, but simple. Please try the lemon juice and powdered sugar on the top. It really adds to the total flavor! All Recipes

Blueberry Popovers – Sugar-Free

This recipe is so simple and so impressive – giant popovers that have risen high above the pan edges! Popovers are crispy on the outside, hollow and delicate on the inside – and not too sweet. Best served hot from the oven; don’t worry if your popover centers collapse as that is typical. Bariatric Eating

Lemon Blueberry Popovers

Popovers are not hard if you pay attention. They are simple, really, and made with love, just like everything should be. Foodie Patootie

Blueberry Popovers

 The blueberry popovers are moist, burst with juicy fruit and have a texture of French toast. They are a nice change for breakfast with a little maple syrup or powdered sugar.  Prepare blueberry popovers for National Blueberry Popover Day! Hi Cookery

How will you celebrate NATIONAL BLUEBERRY POPOVERS DAY? Today is the day.

Take a little time today to celebrate with your family and friends and make lasting memories!

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